The pure happiness of our forests

With experience, love and care, we humans can take advantage of the effect of the stone pine.


Pawww dog beds with pine filling

Pawww for four paws

Relax. Cuddle.
Sleep. Dream.

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Why Pawww?

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My dog ​​immediately got into the bed and has loved it ever since! I ordered a size too big and was able to easily return it and order the right size. Very good value and beautiful design


Our 4 month old dog loves the bed. Nibbles on it, uses it as a trampoline to get on the couch and of course he also has super nice dreams. He likes to snuggle up in the fold. We got some stuffing out, it’s a little more comfortable for him that way. The bed is great. The cover can be easily removed for washing and dries very quickly. Completely satisfied!


The cuddly toy is his new absolute favourite. We only used the heartbeat function for the first few weeks, now we use the toy without it and he loves it very much. My full recommendation!